Karen (estherchaya) wrote,


How did that happen? Ellie has six toofuses. Poof! She was so funny, because she had this snaggle tooth - this one tooth on top that was way longer than the others since it had come in first, and I was looking today bemonaning the fact that it was less snaggly than it used to be since the others were catching up and *poof* I realized there were *four* teeth on top, not three!

When did that happen? How did I miss it? Was I seriously not paying attention to my baby? She's so quiet about teething compared to the other two that it's hard to notice when she has teeth popping out, but this isn't just a tooth barely cutting through, it's way out there - I completely missed it! Whoops! Now each of my babies has six whole teeth! That's 18 toofuses. That's a whole lot of chompers. Here's a very blurry picture of Ellie's new found chompers:


Tags: milestone

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