Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

11 months

Eleven months ago today, my babies were born. *sniff* They're hardly babies anymore, they're little people now, growing up too fast. I don't understand why some parents are so eager to get to each new milestone - to me, moving to the next milestone means the passage of time, and I want to savor each moment with these beautiful babies - not just move on to the next milestone without even noticing the last one.

They are really extraordinary now -

Sam was the last to smile, but he is so smiley now - his face just lights up when he sees Seth or me walk in the room, and he's super snuggly. He is a very good crawler and though he was the last to sit properly, he has no problems with that now. He stands, he cruises a little bit and a few times he's even stood up and then let go of whatever he's holding onto and stood unassisted for a few seconds. He's definitely thinking hard about walking, even if he's not there yet. I think he'll be there in another 4-6 weeks. Scary! He eats everything in sight and is usually the first of the trio to finish his meals. I haven't found anything he doesn't like to eat yet. He still has six teeth and love sto show off his chompers. He's babbling, but not as much as Ellie, who's my real talker. He's the most aggressive of the babies and is most likely to be stealing toys away from the other at any given point in time.

Ellie is unbelievably friendly. Her smile lights up an entire room. we joke that she's actually our cruise director because she'll smile at everyone and everything. She laughs and smiles so easily and has such an infectious little giggle. She's amazing. She has lots of neat ways of babbling, including a really high pitched "dadadadadah!" that she repeats over and over. She is by far the most verbal of the bunch with the most clear syllables of the bunch. She loves to eat, which is crazy considering her failure to thrive history, but we love it. She was the last to learn to crawl, but has finally mastered it, and is also a standing champ, and very bouncy. She now has five teeth, but two of hers are brand new, so they're harder to see than Sam's and Abby's. She's the most laid-back of the three and doesn't mind being crawled all over by Sam and Abby. She seems willing to put up with quite a lot of "abuse" from her siblings.

Abby is the most reserved of the bunch. She was, in some ways, definitely not meant to be a triplet. She definitely prefers to have her own space, and doesn't like to have the other babies touching her or in her space at all. She gets truly offended if they take her toys (Sam does this a lot) or look at her funny. Poor baby. She doesn't like sudden noises, doesn't like to be left alone, prefers to be held up away from the hustle and bustle of the baby pit. She's crafty, though, and if she wants attention, sometimes she'll crawl over to another baby, grab at their toy and then cry as if they were the ones who took it from her so that she gets attention. She's my pickiest eater, and also my most delicate eater. She is my least verbal baby, but she will imitate you if you make clicking sounds or raspberries. She also will shake her head no when she doesn't want to eat anymore, and she means it, so although she's the least verbal in terms of baby-babble, she's actually the most communicative in terms of actual useful communication. Abby has six teeth and when she gives you her precious smile, which she doles out very carefully, you can admire them in all their glory.

They all love their baths, they all love to be snuggled, they all still love their exersaucers (though less than they used to), they all love the cats (though the cats love the babies less than the babies love the cats), they all adore Julian (and Julian adores them).

Julian is the best big brother in the universe. He adores the babies and loves that they're starting to get interactive enough for him to play with a little bit. He is eager to hold them and pick them up and play with them. It's hard to believe that he is almost five years old and starting kindergarten next week. How exciting.

Time really flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? Or maybe it's just that time really flies when you're this sleep deprived...
Tags: triplet mania

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