Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Good Things and... Less Good Things

Good Thing:  Having reached my absolute limit yesterday, I called my mother and asked her to stay with the kids and declared that Seth and I were going out after the triplets were in bed.  We went to see a movie.  Since he wasn't on call this time, he actually got to see the entire movie, and we had a great time.
Less Good Thing:  I really did reach my absolute limit on coping with my life yesterday.  This PMDD thing?  SUCKS. 

Good Thing:  Sam has figured out how to climb up stairs.
Less Good Thing:  Sam has figured out how to climb up stairs.

Good Thing:  Abby has one more physical therapy session, but will probably be discharged after that.
Less Good Thing:  Ellie probably will not be discharged from physical therapy for a while.  (That being said, she's really doing fine, she's just further behind than the other two.

Good Thing:  My babies are almost a whole year old.
Less Good Thing:  My babies are almost a whole year old.

Good Thing:  We've added in a new medication to J's regimen and it seems to be working nicely.
Less Good Thing:  It's a real pain in the tushy to deal with because we have to crush a pill, mix it into 1ml of simple syrup, and then draw up .2mls of medicine each time we give him the medicine (2x/day).  Then, since he refuses to take any medicine of any kind by mouth under any circumstances, the only way we can get him to take this is to mix it in with ice cream.  So he gets a couple teaspoons of ice cream BID.  But the new rule is that he may never have ice cream any other time of day ever.  Ice cream is now reserved for medicine taking.  Still, it's a whole lot of effort to go through twice a day.

Good Thing:  My kids are awesome
Less Good thing:  There is no "less good thing" for this one.

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