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We had a busy weekend, including having my grandfather visiting, having his dog with him, my mother in law's cat here for the weekend, 13 people for dinner Friday night, an Emergency Room visit for Seth Saturday evening (nothing's broken, but 14 xrays later, a sprained ankle, a sprained knee, and a bruised ego, and his prognosis is that he'll be fine, though he might take as much as 6 weeks to feel totally normal again - no getting out of baby duty though), meeting up with some triplet mamas for coffee Sunday morning (me and two babies), a trip to the aquarium for Julian with Grammy and Great Grandpa on Sunday, and a shopping trip to The Container Store for Seth, me and the triplets.

You see, now that the babies are mobile, they have been messing with my system. Specifically, my system for organizing baby clothes. SuperNanny also messes with my system. I have a system for putting away the baby clothes on the two shelves below the changing table in the nursery. But SuperNanny, for all her super-ness, can't seem to figure it out. She doesn't fold clothes neatly, and doesn't seem to put clothes in logical places (I put all the PJs together, all the onesies together, all the dresses together, etc. ... she? does not). The babies also do not fold clothes neatly and do not put clothes in logical places. They, in fact, have taken to UNfolding clothes and dumping them all over the floor. So I can no longer completely blame SuperNanny for the disarray that the clothes are in. I could blame, her, I suppose, but it would be counterproductive.

I didn't take a before picture, but if I had, it would look something like this:

Now that we've made a trip to The Container Store, and I have spent several hours going through the rubble, it looks more like this:

And this:

I feel much better now. We'll see how long it lasts.
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