Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Sick Babies

What's worse than one sick baby? Two sick babies. What's worse than two sick babies? Three sick babies. Fortunately, we're not up to three sick babies.


But we're not holding our breath.

Unfortunately, we didn't realize we had even ONE sick baby until after we were already at my friend Jessica's house yesterday. Jessica has triplets and twins. Fortunately, her kids weren't really exposed to my babies. Unfortunately, both Jessica and her husband Jon were. I hope they don't get sick. Meanwhile, we're dealing with poor little babies.

Sam had a 101 degree (farenheit) fever and was screaming bloody murder yesterday. Today it's lower, but still elevated, and slightly less screaming.

Abby was throwing up and screaming bloody murder, but no fever. She was a pretty miserable baby, poor thing. :(

A call today to the doctor suggested that they probably have two different viruses, but no need to come rushing in to the doctor just yet, so long as they're both keeping down fluids and not totally lethargic. So all is well.

Hopefully Ellie will remain not-sick. She was all kinds of happy yesterday and has remained her usual, cheeful self today.

Otherwise, we had a terrific time, as always, out at Jessica's house. J had a fabulous time running around like a maniac. The best thing about being there is that they have a big house and a big yard where J doesn't have a lot of "No" in his life, because he is relatively free to run around without fear of getting in the way or making too much noise or knocking things down or any of the things that he runs the risk of in most houses. So he has a fabulous time there every time he goes, despite the fact that he's a bit older than all of the other kids. Here's some proof:

Now here's hoping HE doesn't get sick EITHER!
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