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News Flashes

Julian is still all about the Dinosaurs. Everything dinos all the time. Can't get enough of them. He's also got his last soccer game coming up this Sunday and I'm not looking forward to the temper tantrums on the following Sunday! He holds amazingly mature and complex conversations and never ceases to amaze me with his logical mind. He LOVES the babies and loves to have company over so he can shout, "Look! We have triplets!" He gets very sad on Friday nights when we don't have guests over (we used to have guests over EVERY Friday night but I haven't had my act together every week lately), and says, "When can we have guestseses over again??"

Abby now has TWO teeth. She is also no longer sleeping through the night, which is less thrilling. We are hoping the two are related and therefore the whole sleeping through the night thing will return when she gets past this. Teething stops in, what, a year and a half or so, right? RIGHT?

No sign of teeth yet. THANK HEAVENS. He loves to be carried, so I just bought a new kind of carrier because the Baby Bjorn KILLS my back. I bought a Mei Tai Baby carrier:

It arrived today and I've carried Sam both on my back and on my front and he ADORES it both ways. So it's definitely a winner and it doesn't hurt my back either, so I'm happy.

Ellie lost a full pound in five days. Clearly weaning her off 28 calorie/oz food isn't a fully successful effort (she's still partially on 28 cal/oz food, but less than before). I'm not sure how to handle this. She should still be gaining 1/2 - 1 oz per day. Losing 16 oz in five days is pretty significant, but I've decided not to be neurotic about it - yet. I'll wait until next week to call the doctor about it. If the downward trent has continued, I'll call him. Meanwhile, there's nothing to do other than encourage her to eat as much as possible, so that's what I'm doing.

Mother's Day
We had a great day with our friends J & C, their son N, and C's parents. They came over for lunch and got to hold babies. It's a great deal because they think they're getting away with something holding all those babies while, meanwhile, we think we're getting away with something getting someone else to hold the babies for a brief minute. Not that we don't love holding our babies all the time, but it sure is nice to have an opportunity to eat with two hands for a whole five minute stretch!

That's it for now. More when I get a chance.
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