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I took an extra day off work today so that the triplets and I could go visit Jessica and her Five Little Monkeys (triplet boys and twin girls). We were supposed to go last week, but I was really sick and didn't want to risk germifying them. Unfortunately, this meant Julian didn't come with us, but at least I got to see Jessica. While we were there, I got some fun pictures of the kiddos:

Ellie and Abby:


I also have some pictures of the kiddos at the park from several days ago:
Abby in her sunhat:
Sam Snoozing in the Swing:
Ellie and Sam in the Swing:

And finally, no post is complete without some fun with food:
Broccoli-Faced Ellie:



Believe it or not, broccoli is actually Sam's favorite food, but that was toward the end of his meal, and he was ready for actual milk, which he regards as actual food. This solid food stuff is still just for fun as far as he's concerned, and when he's really hungry, all he wants is MILK! Moo!

All the rest of the pictures can be viewed with the full album by clicking here.
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