Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

unexpected consequences

So if you'll recall, I lost 70+ pounds with my triplet pregnancy and subsequent delivery. My wedding/engagement rings were loose, but not dangerously so. I had been considering re-sizing my rings, but figured I should wait and see what happened once I stopped nursing. What if, after all, I put all that weight right back on after I stopped nursing? So I put it off.

However, in the past several days, I've lost an additional 12 pounds due to this horrifying, evil, icky, awful, yucky intestinal flu. And last night, I lost my rings in my bed. It took me nearly an hour this morning to find them. Probably Seth could have found them in a few minutes, because he's better at such things than I am, but that's his fault for not being here. I should have left it for him to find; would have served him right. Except, well, I was panicking.

Now, just three to four more of these horrible flus and I'll be at my ideal weight. Unfortunately, I'll also want to kill myself, because this was about as miserable as I've ever been. Well, except for my pregnancy and subsequent recovery, that is.
Tags: mishaps

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