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Some Updates

  • M seems to be doing okay. Her sister was moved to Senegal Saturday and the funeral was Sunday. M, it turns out, is Muslim, which I hadn't been certain about before. Muslim women don't attend funerals, so it makes more sense now that she didn't go to Senegal. After her father and brothers finishes their 40 days of mourning, they will come here to visit her for a week or so, and we'll give her some time off to spend with them at that time. M's brother in law is still in a coma. M's sister had gotten married February 29th and had just found out that she was pregnant, which compounds the tragedy in some ways, but M appreciates that her sister was able to hear this happy news in her lifetime, which I think is a beautiful perspective. One important thing - her sister was not wearing her seat belt. Please... remember to wear your seat belt always! It is SO important.

  • The babies and I all have colds and Julian seems to have a slight cold as well. So far Seth seems to have escaped it. I'm pretty miserable, though everyone else seems to have a pretty mild version of it, thankfully.
  • Yesterday, Julian didn't get to go to soccer because it was raining, and he had a playdate canceled because he was coughing too much, so he went to my MIL's instead. It was good for her (and him) becaues they haven't seen each other in over almost two weeks since she started her new job. While he was out with her, my mother came over and helped with the babies so we could get some Pesach cleaning done.
  • On the Pesach cleaning front: we got the sunroom completely cleaned out and de-chometzified. The living room has been cleaned out of the major things, but the couch cushions need to be vacuumed out and we need to clean behind the couch. My cleaning lady will take care of that next Sunday. Julian's play-doh needs to be put into the attic, but it's tightly sealed in plastic containers, so it's not contaminating anything. I gave the guest room a once-over last Thursday, but I'll have my cleaning lady help me with it on Sunday as well. I started clearing things out of the cabinets and pantry in the kitchen as well after I reorganized the basement store-room. Kitchen and dining room will be the hardest, but they'll get done. I've already made some significant headway on both rooms, so I'll figure it out one way or another - I always do, right?
  • Fun things about the babies:
    • Abby giggles... you can really get her going if you try, and it's fun to hear.
    • Sam rolls over from back to front almost every time you put him down. The problem with this is that there is nothing he hates more in this world than being on his tummy and he doesn't know how to roll from his tummy to his back. Sigh. Poor baby.
    • Ellie flexes and points her toes when she's eating. I think this is hilarious, and she does it every time she eats, without fail. She also has a tuft of hair that sticks up on the top of her head. It never lays flat, unless you get it wet.
    • All three kiddos think the Skwish is about the coolest thing that ever did exist.
  • Fun things about Julian: He is totally obsessed with soccer. He went two weeks absolutely refusing to take off his shin guards. The cool thing about that is that in exchange, he's been agreeing to wear his tzitzis every day. He is also totally obsessed with dinosaurs, particularly, tyrannosauruses, allosauruses, raptors and diplodocuses. We need to get him the BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs DVDs. He's been watching clips from them on YouTube and he LOVES them. He loves any documentary on dinosaurs, actually, even though you'd think they'd be over his head.

That's all the news that's fit to print for the moment.
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