Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Numbers Games

You know my love of numbers, right? I'm an analyst so I play with numbers a lot. I mean, I may never live down the day that I posted about having pumped 58 gallons of milk up to that point (and hey, over a month has passed since then, I'm sure it's nearly time to recalculate!). Well, I realized that the babies are 24 weeks old tomorrow. Can you believe it? That's a long time to be as sleep deprived as I am. It's also a long time to be changing diapers. I figure we average 18 diapers per day (it was more in the beginning, but some days are less, so it's an AVERAGE people... do NOT pick on my math here!). Do you know how many diapers that is??

I do.

Three thousand twenty four diapers.

That's a lot of diapers. Thank heavens for my father who has been generous enough to send us the vast majority of the diapers that we've needed. We have only bought a few of our own diapers (primarily the preemie diapers that we used in the beginning). I consider us very, very lucky. We also have very generous friends with bigger kids than we have, who have given us their leftover diapers as their kids have outgrown diapers that my kids are still wearing.

And seriously? I am extraordinarily grateful that J is (finally!) potty trained. It couldn't have come at a better time!
Tags: triplet mania

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