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Evie Update as of yesterday

I haven't heard from my father today, but as of yesterday, here's the scoop:

The doctors still don't have a definitive diagnosis, but Evie was to have an MRV yesterday afternoon (this is a vascular scan) which was the last piece of the puzzle before having a diagnosis, apparently. Once there's a diagnosis, there can be a prognosis and plan of action.

Good news is, she had a seizure-free night Sunday. And as of yesterday she was starting to get a little bit of mobility back in her left side. These are both very good signs.

My father has no doubt that she will walk again. He's open to the possibility that she may have some permanent mobility impairment, though minor, but truthfully, it's too early to tell that. If she gets herself directly into physical therapy and sticks with it, I have no doubt she'll make a brilliant recovery. My father will ensure that even if she's grumbly about PT, she'll be there and liking it. ;)

Evie's mother is flying to Orlando (from Hawaii), so I'm not heading down there just yet. I expect to go down in a week or two, unless things change dramatically.

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words. It meant (means) a lot to me.

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