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Shopping with Reckless Abandon

Julian has a knack for putting holes in the knees of his pants pretty quickly. If I were a good mother, or if I just had more time, I would sew (or iron) patches onto the knees of his pants for reinforcement. But I am not a good mother, so I simply buy him pants FREQUENTLY. Really frequently. I would just buy dozens of pants all at once except that: 1. I'm not made of money and 2. There's no telling when he'll have a growth spurt and be in the next size up, so I don't want to stockpile TOO many pairs ahead of time, right? Of course right.

So anyway, last night Seth pulled six pairs of Julian's pants out of the dryer and proceeded to fold them. Five of them had holes in the knees. Miraculously, one of the pairs of jeans did not, but they were on their way. "Do you want me to go out and buy him some pants?" I sighed under my breath, hoping he wouldn't hear me. "What was that?" my husband perked up. Sigh. I said, a little more clearly, but with a slightly more obvious sigh, "Would you like me to go out and buy him some pants?"

"Oh, you know, if you have the energy..."


Well, payback's a, well, you know. So I went out to get the pants, but I was sure going to have some fun while doing it. So off I went to The Children's Place and picked up three pairs of Shabbos pants and five pairs of jeans (yes, he really does go through pants THAT FAST...and the Target pants wear out EVEN FASTER so it's not cheaper for me to go to Target, so don't even suggest it). And of course while I was there I just *had* to buy a couple cute little dresses for the girls. I mean, I've never had babies to play with before, and certainly not daughters! Oooh, what fun! So I got a couple cute dresses that won't fit them just yet, but should fit them around the time that I'm willing to let them out of the house (April), and a dress that will fit them now (they only had one, so they'll have to share). Then I went over to Buy Buy Baby because I needed a couple more Sleep Sacks for Ellie (oh, she loves her fuzzy sleep sacks!...the other two still prefer to be swaddled) and while I was there I picked up some long-sleeved onesies so that I can use a couple of the dresses that a friend gave me (her babies were born at a different time of year than mine, so all the dresses she gave me are sleeveless, but will look fine with a long sleeved onesie underneath) and also an adorable dress/romper thing that they had two of. Ellie was in hers before I left this morning, but Abby wasn't. When I get home tonight, I'll try to remember to take a picture of the two of them.

I should point out that TWO women with twin girls have given me piles of girl clothes, so I needed more baby clothes like I needed an extra migraine, but you know... I have barely been able to buy a single item of clothing for my babies and I had no idea how much fun it could be! It's really a LOT of fun! I get sort of sad walking around Buy Buy Baby realizing the things I would have gotten if I'd had a normal singleton pregnancy. I would have gone out and picked out just the most special crib that I loved and probably bedding that I liked better than the bedding I got (because when you're buying only ONE set of things, well, it's easier to contemplate the cost of it). But I bought second-hand cribs that don't match which drives me CRAZY, even though it was far more economical. I never walked through a store and made a baby registry (a friend who was maddened by my refusal to make a registry online made my registry for me!) because I wasn't allowed to walk. I didn't painstakingly pick out my babies' layettes... I gratefully accepted the piles of clothes that all of my friends lent me. And I LOVE the clothes that people lent or gave me. LOVE THEM. But golly, no one told me how much FUN it is to actually go and buy clothes for my babies.

(lest you think that Sam was left out of this buying spree... well, he was, but actually the last time I went to buy Julian pants, I bought a couple outfits for Sam and nothing for the girls, so it all evens out)

I obviously can't go out and buy everything for them all the time, and I'm so incredibly grateful for the generosity of our friends and family. But gosh, it was so fun to buy a few things all of my own. Who KNEW it could be this much fun to shop? I despise shopping for myself, but shopping for babies is Fun! (And hey, compared to adult clothes, baby clothes are cheap! Too bad they outgrow the clothes so quickly, which negates the cost)
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