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State of the Us

I've been a bit swamped lately, so no posting, but I wanted to note that all is well. The babies are good sleepers, good eaters, and generally good natured. Wednesday night all three babies slept through the night until 6am! It was unbelievable. And of course it didn't repeat itself two nights in a row, but that's okay. We generally have at least one baby sleep through the night and often two (never the same combination two nights in a row!)... Abby actually went three nights in a row without waking up at all, but then last night she woke up at 4am (still not too shabby, really). It's rare that we have all three up through the night anymore, which is astounding to me. I didn't expect this. They are also napping really nicely most days. I can usually count on them all taking a nap around 10am for at least 2 hours. They're a little staggered, as they all fall asleep after a morning feeding, but then there's a good hour to ninety minutes of overlap. It took me a while to figure out this pattern, because I'm not that bright, but now that I have, it's a lot easier to get things done during the day. I spend the rest of the day feeding one baby after another, but it's nice to have an hour to get some cleaning or cooking done each day.

Abby is super-smiley and loves to be held. She has a high-pitched annoying squeal of a cry when she gets upset, so we try really hard not to let her get frustrated so that we don't have to listen to that! She still has very little hair, but she has gorgeous long eyelashes. She's so gorgeous and loveable I can hardly stand it. She has better head control than either Sam or Ellie and she loves to stare at people's faces. She's the smiliest of them all also, which isn't surprising since she was the first one to smile. I think she's probably about three times her birth weight at this point, which is amazing. She's nearly a full pound bigger than Ellie and only a couple ounces behind Sam... considering that she started out a full pound lighter than both of them, this is astounding. She still hasn't gotten the hang of nursing, though I still try with her regularly. She's a great eater and growing really well, so I can't complain. She still is only getting breast milk, so she's getting MOST of the benefits of breast feeding regardless. She tells you when she's done eating by breaking into a huge grin and refusing to take any more of the bottle. She will NOT take a pacifier under nearly any circumstances.

Ellie is absolutely stunning, as just about everyone points out to me when they see her in person for the first time. Abby is also beautiful, but the two of them look absolutely NOTHING alike. Ellie's weight gain (or lack thereof) is still a concern. At her appointment last week she had only gained 7 ounces in 17 days. They would have liked to see her gain close to an ounce per day but no less than half an ounce per day, and she was an ounce or two shy of that goal. It doesn't sound significant, but at her size, it's a huge difference. The doctor is just as perplexed as we are, but isn't certain yet whether to really worry. For now we're continuing to just keep a closer eye on her than the other two, and he also checked her thyroid panel which came out normal, thankfully. She is tiny and delicate and the calmest of the three babies. But she is also feisty in her own way... she can squirm out of any swaddle (except the kiddopatomus swaddle blankets), and she can squirm halfway across the floor when she's laying down for tummy time (she's even pretty good at squirming across the mat on her back too!). I've also seen her roll over from tummy to back twice. I think it's a fluke, not a pattern, but it's still neat. She's also our thumb sucker of the bunch. If she's not swaddled and doesn't have a pacifier, she finds her thumb pretty consistently and sucks on it with a vengeance! Oh, she also has fantastic stick-up hair.

Sam is enormous. I'm fairly certain that he's nearly 9 pounds, though that is admittedly an educated guess (we'll find out for sure on the 22nd). He was the last to smile and smiles far less often than the girls, but he is a really happy baby. He likes to be held as much as possible, and has a scream that would make your hair curl if you heard it, which means we hold him a LOT to keep from hearing it! He's cuddly and sweet but oh-so-heavy (especially compared to Ellie)! He has a beautiful coo and is so fun. He is the least offended by tummy time of them all. He loves his pacifier! He would eat 24x7 if I let him, which probably explains why he's so huge. He's not yet three times his birth weight, but gosh, he'll be there soon if he continues at this rate! He's still tiny compared to the other babies we know who were born around the same time as him, but it's so nice to see my roly-poly baby... in the NICU we could count his vertebrae just by looking at his back... he was so thin and frail looking when he was first born compared to what he looks like now. I love how chubby and fun he is. He gets very offended if you change his diaper, but he gets even more offended if you don't change it soon enough for his tastes. He is my first (and so far only) baby to graduate to size 1 diapers. The size ones look so BIG compared to the newborn diapers!!

Julian is such a great big-brother and has been doing much better these last couple weeks than he had been the previous several weeks. He has been using his listening ears really well lately, provided that there is nothing around to distract him. He is loving and kind to everyone...he loves to give hugs and kisses to Eema, Abba, and the babies. He always wants to be the leader at school and at home. If he's dawdling, all we have to do to get him to start moving the direction we want to move is to call out, "Who's going to be the leader??!!" and he comes running.

Seth and I are doing pretty well, and are enjoying the slightly-more-sleep that we've been getting. I'm going back to work on the 22nd or 23rd and I'm very sad about this. Also, I think I broke my pinky toe. Seth is much happier when he's got more sleep, so he's thrilled at the babies' newfound sleeping patterns. He turned down the job that he was offered, though it turned out to be a very nice offer. The health insurance would have been crappy and I won't have health insurance of my own for six months, so we couldn't risk it...not with four kids to take care of.

Things have calmed down enough that last Shabbos we had company for dinner (admittedly, they brought some of the food, which made it a lot easier), and we're even having company this week. This week I made gefilte fish, brisket, roasted potatoes, broccoli kugel, rice, salad and brownies. Not too shabby for a chick with three babies, a four year old, and not much sleep.

Oh, last bit of news... after much drama in which one nanny we hired quit before she even started, we've hired a nanny who will start next week so we can get the routine down before I go back to work. We hope this works out well, though I'm a bit shell-shocked by all the drama with the first nanny. Sigh.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll try to do a picture post on Sunday.
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