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Happenings with each of us

I keep forgetting to post about my interview from my last post. Anyway, it was a great interview, and I was there for a couple hours, which is a good long time, considering it was the first time that I had ever left Sam, Ellie and Abby with anyone. I was offered the job on the spot and everyone was fine with waiting until January 21 for me to start, which is good. I have little desire to return to work, but since I have no choice, this is a great job to go to. So, hooray for me! I think it was the rockin' shoes. :) Or it could have been the spit up on my blouse (I was a walking cliche that day).

Abby started smiling last week, and now she smiles all the time. Sam is still the clingy-est of them all, but super sweet. Ellie is still the calmest of the bunch, but so much fun to cuddle! They were weighed last week and they are huge! Sam is 7 lb 14 oz. Abby (believe it or not) is 7 lb 12 oz. Ellie, while still growing, is a bit more worrisome at 7 lb even. They will be 14 weeks tomorrow, but are still wearing newborn clothes and diapers. My father has been generous enough to provide us with diapers any time we run low, which is good because a case of diapers lasts us only five days!

I keep a log of every meal time, and every diaper... a lot of people think I should have given up the log by now, but I honestly don't know how I would keep track otherwise. We change about 15-18 diapers per day, do more loads of laundry than I can count, and feed the babies constantly (well, I feed Ellie and Sam constantly... Abby mostly gets expressed milk in bottles and she's pretty consistent eating about every 3 hours...but Ellie and Sam... gosh they never stop eating!)

Julian is an amazing big brother, and though he's not without adjustment issues, he's doing great. He is such a fun conversationalist and has a blooming personality. He plays independently, but still craves having adults to play with him. He adores the triplets and wants to help hold them and play with them as much as possible. He gives them hugs and kisses every morning and every evening and makes sure to say goodbye to each of the babies before he leaves for school (or before he gets out of the car, if I'm the one to drop him off). He loves to have grown-up sounding conversations. He'll stop everything and say, "Hey guys, let's have a chat, okay?" or "Okay, stop making all this noise, it's time to have a talk!" Of course, all that conversation comes with a price, because he's also learned out to talk back... I swear he's a four year old going on a teenager sometimes. But we're trying to work through that, and we definitely find that the more one-on-one attention we can give him, the less back-talk we get and the less attitude he exhibits. So we're trying to remain vigilant on spending as much time with him as possible, though there are obviously limits sometimes. There would be limits with even one newborn in the house, and we've got three.

That's the news on everyone but Seth. Seth is also doing well, but I'll let him update his own journal rather than having me speak too much for him. Overall though, he's doing great, but would prefer more sleep. He is a tremendous partner in this parenting adventure. People ask me if he's a great help, but to call him that would be doing him a disservice. He's not just a helper, he's a partner, and I feel we share our responsibilities rather equally in whatever ways we can (obviously he can't breastfeed, but he can certainly get up in the middle of the night to give Abby a bottle or to bring the other babies to me when they need to eat, for example). He does more than his fair share of dishes, and lately has been doing more than just a little weekday meal prep (Shabbos is still up to me, with varying degrees of success). He does more of the grocery shopping than I do, but that's always been the case. Most weeks we pretty evenly split laundry duty, though some weeks it falls more heavily on him or on me. He gets Julian to school most days (though I've been trying to pick that duty up as much as possible), and gets Julian to bed most nights (I try to pick up bed time occasionally, but I tend to be feeding babies at exactly bed time, so it doesn't work out very often). I couldn't ask for a better person to share this adventure with.

I'm not sure why, but the last few days I've had more people than usual ask if we're "done" having kids. The answer is absolutely not if I have anything to say about it. But bear in mind that it took five years, a lot of treatment, and a whole bunch of money, to get these three here, so we may not have our say over it. We know that any children in our lives are blessings and miracles, no matter how they get here, so we're overjoyed with the miracle of our four beautiful children, but would happily welcome more into our lives. I've also had more people than usual reminding me that I "must have my hands full"... this is true, we do have our hands full, but we'd much rather have our hands full than empty, and they were empty for a long time.

I have a bunch of pictures to post, but that will have to wait for another post. I'm out of baby-free time (nap time is over). I hope those of you who are celebrating today have a lovely holiday.
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