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What's Going On?

I am SuperMom!
Some days are harder than others, but most days go pretty smoothly. We're sleep deprived, yes, but that's to be expected. We're getting more sleep than I expected we would be getting at this point, though less than we would like to be getting. But sleep deprivation aside, the days go more smoothly than I could have hoped. Some days, though, I am reminded that I am super-mom. Like the other day when I fed three babies at once. How many moms can say that they've fed three infants at once? I was nursing Ellie and Sam and bottle feeding Abby in the middle. It required some serious balancing and a bit of work, but it worked!

There are days that I get nothing done other than feeding and changing the babies. And there are days that I also get four loads of laundry done and a meal or two eaten. But regardless, every day is an accomplishment, because I know that I am doing so much more than most moms have to accomplish in their first weeks at home with new babies. We don't get out of the house much, except for the occasional doctor's appointment, but that's okay, we're happy here, and we'll get out eventually... AFTER RSV season.

Speaking of RSV
Insurance Companies Suck. My insurance company has denied coverage for the triplets for the RSV vaccine. RSV in a full-term baby isn't a big deal; it's like a cold. But in preemies, it's a huge deal. There is a prophylactic vaccine for it, called Synagis, but it is very expensive, and it's a monthly IM injection, which must be given from October through April. The triplets received their first dose in the NICU, but will not be receiving any subsequent doses. We can't simply pay for it out of pocket, because we'd be looking at probably close to $15,000 worth of expenses for the season. Therefore, please don't take offense if we turn down invitations between now and April (the end of RSV season)... we won't be taking the triplets out in public much or at all. We're under pretty strict instructions from the pediatrician to restrict their exposure. We're also asking friends to hold off on visiting if they've got sniffles or colds or are living with someone with sniffles, etc. It's not that we don't love you all, it's that we can't afford to have very sick babies. I feel much better about the stealth bris now. I know a lot of people's feelings were hurt, but now I'm very glad that we didn't risk it.

Reason to Celebrate
We sponsored Kiddush at shul this week, though the triplets and I didn't go (see above paragraph). We had many reasons to celebrate... Yesterday was our fifth wedding anniversary, today is the third anniversary of Julian coming to live with us permanently, and we were also celebrating the birth of the triplets (and the fact that the triplets' due date is this week!). November is a good month!

Some Pictures

Julian feeding Ellie


The Girls
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