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Poor Charlie

Last night motzei shabbos, I went over to jeannegrrl's house (Seth joined us later since he was on the phone when I wanted to leave) to watch "History of the World, Part I". I'm a huge Mel Brooks fan, but somehow, I'd never seen this one. A good time was had by all, as usual. But that's not what this post is about.

I drove home, taking a slightly different route than Seth, thereby arriving home a few minutes before him. I came in the house, turned off the alarm, glanced through my e-mail, and then heard Seth pull up. I could hear Charlie crying, as he always does when he hears Seth pull up, but somehow it was more distant than usual.

Seth walked in and a terrified little Charlie bolted in the door. On the one hand, that's what the little monster gets for sneaking out when I wasn't looking (must have happened as I walked in because it was dark inside and out...the outside light had blown). But on the other hand, you gotta feel sorry for the little creature. Poor kitty. He must have thought he was going to be forever abandoned.

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