Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Follow Up Appointment

I saw the doctor again this morning.  As compared to Wednesday, I'm relatively stable.  He gave me a prescription for some extra Nifedipine so that I can take it twice a day, in hopes that it will help my blood pressure (today's was totally normal, but yesterday was 136/111...I didn't know BP numbers WENT that high).  Other than that, I get to wait for test results to come back (labs that were ordered from Wed's appt. plus the fetal fibronectin they checked today).

Doctor didn't want to make any decisions on admitting me to the hospital next week until they see me next week, so he had me change my appointment from Wednesday to Tuesday.  His preference would be to keep me at home and have me in the office Tuesday and Friday, but a Friday appointment would be complicated at best.  By Tuesday all the labwork will be back, and they'll also have a better idea of how carefully I'll need to be monitored through the week, so it makes sense to wait to make a decision, and I'm comfortable with that.  I'm totally happy being ABLE to stay home for Rosh Hashana, provided that he thinks it's prudent to do so.  His feeling is that he doesn't have all the information today to be able to make a real determination about whether it's prudent to do so, but will know more on Tuesday.  That's completely reasonable.  He (Dr. P.) will actually be out all of next week (*gasp!* He can't abandon me!!), but I'm seeing Dr. G. on Tuesday and I love Dr. G. so I have no concerns.

Meanwhile, I'm exhausted, so I'm going to take a nap.   I have a terrible headache, so I'm hoping it will go away by sleeping some more.  I'm not counting on it.
Tags: pregnancy

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