Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

A few updates

Car Woes
Monday Seth was driving home and hit some tire shrapnel on the Beltway. He couldn't have avoided it without hitting another car, and he didn't really have enough time to react, and it happens. Usually hitting tire shrapnel isn't a big deal, but in this case, it ripped apart the front bumper cover of the Accord which left it dragging along the road and he wasn't really certain whether there was any other damage underneath the car as well. Since I know the cost of the front bumper cover on an Accord is about twice the cost of our deductible, I had him call the insurance company to deal with it. This had the added bonus of getting rental coverage.

You'd think that we wouldn't need rental coverage since we've got two cars and I'm mostly not allowed out of bed, but I do have the occasional doctor's appointment, and I also don't love the idea of being stranded here if I had an emergency and needed to get to the hospital quickly. So Seth's driving my van and yesterday, Enterprise came and got me so I could have a rental. They gave me a Dodge Neon. My humblest apologies to anyone on my friends list who has a Dodge Neon, but this car sucks majorly. I admit, part of it is bias, because right now I BARELY fit behind the wheel because I'm so short that my feet won't reach the pedals without my belly up against the steering wheel, which is decidedly unsafe, but aside from that, this car is an absolute piece of crap. Bleh. I could, theoretically, rent a car from Hertz, where I know I'd get a better car (I always get shitty cars from Enterprise, and great cars from Hertz, for some reason), but my insurance company (USAA) does direct-bill with Enterprise, so it's a lot less hassle to just deal with Enterprise. Plus Enterprise will come to me to pick me up, which is a lot easier than me getting to Hertz. Therefore, I am stuck with this crappy car.

I know, we should all have such problems, right?

Job Stuff
I will write a more extensive entry later that I will lock, but in the meantime... The guy that they brought in to fill in for me while I'm gone is very competent, but an arrogant fellow who absolutely does NOT want to be there and has made that clear to everyone. Meanwhile, it doesn't really matter, because the client has decided that they will not renew our contract at the end of the year. They are extremely happy with our work (particularly the work that's been done of the last year (hello? I totally rock!), but they are frustrated because they need a company that can consistently staff 8-10 people, and we can't consistently staff 2-3. I don't blame them. In theory, I'll still have a job with my company when I'm ready to come back to work, on some other contract somewhere else, but I think it's fair to say that after the triplets are born, I'll be looking at other opportunities. I'm not looking now, and I don't plan to be looking until after things settle down a little, but for the moment, that's how things are looking.

Other Stuff
As for the whole pregnancy thing...I had my 30-week appointment yesterday. Things are okay. 30 weeks is a huge milestone. 32 weeks will be even bigger. And 34, if I make it there, will be huge. My cervix shortened a little, but it's not cause for serious concern yet, so long as the fetal fibronectin test comes back negative (which we pretty much assume it will). If it comes back positive, they'll admit me to the hospital until I deliver. If it comes back negative (likely), they'll probably tell me to hang in there. Fetal heart rates were all excellent. My blood pressure was great as usual. I've lost another four pounds. Go figure.

One of the babies' growth curves has slowed. This isn't a matter of one of the babies being smaller than the other two... that could be entirely attributed to genetics (are you saying I'm short??). It's a question of the baby not keeping up with it's own growth curve, which is more troubling. Is it something to worry about? It could be, but it might not be. The only way to know is to wait a couple weeks and remeasure. So in the meantime, there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm choosing not to worry. It won't make a difference in the outcome. If in two weeks the problem has exacerbated, they won't take l the way to 34 weeks. Otherwise, they'll likely decide it's "just one of those things that happens." And that's okay.

Also, they're going to take me off of the home contraction monitoring on the theory that it's not giving them any information I can't give them myself. They know I'm contracting a lot. I know I'm contracting a lot. The monitoring gives them no additional information on that front. What it does is keep me up later at night with monitoring and re-monitoring and what not. And if I get to a point where I say, "hey, this is totally normal for me, I really don't want to re-monitor again" they have to call my doctor and say, "hey, she doesn't want to re-monitor" and the doctor says to them, "Well, she's pretty smart, and she'll know if this is out of the ordinary for her, so let her go to sleep." And that's how it works most nights, so what advantage is there to the monitoring? I don't care either way. To me, so long as it's a useful data point to the doctor I don't mind doing it. If it's not a useful data point, I don't care whether I do it or not. It gives me something to do to pass the time, but beyond that, who cares?

I asked the doctor how I know if I'm allowed to give myself a demand dose if I'm not monitoring and she said, "Karen, if you're having contractions and you're tolerating the terbutaline, give yourself a demand dose, for heaven's sake." Oh. You mean I can do that? Without permission? Cool. I didn't know I could be trusted to do that! Nifty. (not that there's much, or any, abuse potential for terbutaline, but still...) ANYWAY, the point, really, is that it's not like I'm having contractions and not realizing it... or having significant changes in contraction patterns and not realizing it. I'm not going to fail to realize if I go into labor. So there isn't a whole lot of point in me continuing with the home monitoring. So once the discharge goes through to Matria, I'll stop doing that.

And that's pretty much it.

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