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Karen's Musings
Random Rambling
Is it Good Things or Bad Things that Come in Threes?
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kitsunebeast From: kitsunebeast Date: May 4th, 2007 03:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Huge congrats! I'm so glad that everything is looking so good on the Super UltraSound.

You are both already wonderful parents, and I can;t wait to meet the new additions to the family (you know, when you feel like flying across the country with 4 kids under 5). ;P

estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: May 4th, 2007 12:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Everything looked absolutely perfect. The nuchal fold measurements were all at exactly the middle of the expected range. Couldn't have been more perfect, really. It's really quite unbelievable! I suspect it will be some time before I'm willing to bring all the monsters on a plane, but definitely, if we make it to the West Coast anytime soon, you're at the top of our list of folks to visit!
121 comments or Leave a comment