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Lots has been going on lately, but I've had little time to post. Here are some highlights:
  • Pesach (Passover) is almost over. We had moss_raven here for the first days, but she's not able to join us for the last days, unfortunately. We had our sedarim out with the Soboroffs and Seltzers, and had a wonderful time at each, though they were very different. Julian was bouncing off walls the first night and I fell asleep during Hallel. Second night was better: I was awake and Julian was an angel who eventually fell asleep in the living room.
  • A friend of mine tragically lost her grandmother on Monday (erev Pesach). She was crossing a street and got hit by a car. I made a meal today to send over there. Seth and Julian are over there now delivering it. Now that I've cooked them a meal (for 8 people, because she has family in town), I have absolutely no idea what WE'RE eating tonight. Sigh.
  • Fortunately, we have the two lunch meals scheduled out, so we're only on our own for dinner. This is a good thing because I really am kind of burnt out at this point. I'm just not sure how much more cooking I can handle right now.
  • Work has been going well but is insanely busy. I hope when I get back on Wednesday that I'm not TOO far behind. Here's hoping. I got a new coworker, though, who actually used to be one of my managers at SAIC. I'm really glad she's come on board and I hope it helps to take away some of the stress of the constant deadlines. Probably won't help as she'll have her own deadlines, but there is a bit of work that I'm doing that she'll be helping with.
  • I do love our new van, but I don't love the gas mileage. I get about 21 miles per gallon, which considering it's a two-ton vehicle with 255 horsepower, isn't terrible, but it's painful at the pump. I'm driving the van and Seth has my Accord as his primary car now. I feel badly that he's got the old car, but on the other hand, he drives twice as far as I do, so it makes better sense for him to have the car with the decent gas mileage.
  • Julian is still doing really well at his school. I'm glad we made the switch, because it's been nothing but positive. It's astounding how much the other school affected his entire personality. Then again, he spends so much time there, I suppose it shouldn't be terribly surprising.
  • We miss the Feld clan terribly and are sorry we couldn't join them for Pesach in Maine again this year. We had a marvelous time last year and I'm certain we would have had just as fabulous a time this year, but with Seth's car blowing up last month, I'm very glad we DIDN'T try to find the money to go.
  • That's pretty much it for now. I'm very tired and I'd like to take a nap before the holiday starts. I'm very behind in LJ reading, so if I haven't commented on something recently, it's probably not because I'm purposely ignoring you, it's because I'm quite behind, so if there's something I really ought to know, leave me a comment, if you don't mind!
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