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Well, Phooey

Seth's car died. Two weeks ago (maybe less), we spent $1100 fixing some problem or another with it. Last week it started having more problems. Apparently it was leaking oil from EVERYWHERE. Oh, and something about the transmission going. So yeah. I was pretty nervous. The car's bluebook value (or so we thought) was around $2K. I say was, because that was before we found out how much it would cost to repair it. Eight THOUSAND Dollars.

I had really hoped that we wouldn't replace his car until we had one more kid and we'd get a minivan. I mean, a minivan wouldn't be so horrible regardless... We certainly wouldn't be the only ones in our community with a minivan and one kid. But you know? Do you know how much minivans cost? Do you have any idea? I didn't. And you know what else? You know how much USED minivans cost? Not much less than new ones. And I have no idea where the money for this is coming from.

I can't handle this right now. I really can't. Poor Seth had to listen to me in hysterics over this. Like there's anything he can do about it over the phone. Or at all. Me crying isn't going to make the problem go away. We still won't have the money. We'll still have to find a way regardless because we can't be down a car. Seth works 40 miles from home, I work almost 20 miles from home. Neither of us can reliably take public transportation to work, nor could we handle getting Julian to and from preschool without a car. We work in opposite directions, so driving together is out of the question.

And by the way, WHEN exactly are we supposed to go car shopping? We can't go on Friday or Saturday. Seth won't be home until late tonight. Thursdays are out of the question. Sundays most dealerships are closed and anyway, we'll be in Boston this Sunday. And how exactly is this all supposed to work? Even if we COULD find the money, how would this work?

Oh, and I need a new carseat. Julian's getting too big for the one in my car. So that's another couple hundred dollars I don't have. Yippee.
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