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To Do List

Things that still need to get done before Pesach (probably not much interest to my faithful readers, but you know...)

  • Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen, kitchen!!</i>
    • finish cleaning refridgerator and line shelves

    • finish moving unconsumed chametz into storage closet

    • close up cabinets which will not be accessed during Pesach

    • clean and cover countertops

    • re-clean stove and oven and line with aluminum foil

  • vacuum cleaner needs to be taken apart and cleaned. Hopefully this will make it work again. This is most likely Seth's job.

  • living room:

    • boxes need to be moved into the storage closet
    • room needs to be vacuumed.

    • Everything also needs to be dusted.

  • Dining Room:
    • Chairs need to be cleaned with a toothbrush (I'm not kidding).

    • Table and chairs should be polished.

    • Need to finish going through books on bookshelves to check for chametz</li>
    • store benchers until after Pesach

  • Foyer: wash floor

  • bathrooms: finish cleaning

  • bedroom:

    • finish cleaning closet

    • clean off dressers...eliminate chametz jelly beans!

    • vacuum as soon as vacuum cleaner is working again

  • clean and vacuum cars. Wish I lived in NY where they have Passover Car Detailing. Not that I can afford it

  • shopping:

    • sponges

    • paper towels

    • paper plates

    • napkins

    • plastic cups

    • toothpaste

    • new toothbrushes

  • Last but not least...duh, I haven't finished food shopping!!

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