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Math is Hard, Let's go Shopping

I'm having a gaggle of people over tonight for Shabbos dinner. Last night around 9ish, as I started to cook (yes, started! It's been one of those weeks), I was counting how many people would be with us, and decided we could add a few more, so I called S & D to see if they would join us. No problem and they are happy to join us. Hooray.

Except this morning I re-counted, and realized that puts us at 17 around our tables, not 16. We can reliably fit 16. We can move the kids (2 are in booster seats with trays, so they don't have to be AT the table). It'll be tight, but we can make it happen.

But THEN! Just now I remembered that one of the single guys is coming. And I have consistently forgotten to count him. So now it's 18. I mean, we'll still find a way to make it fit, but holy heck this is cutting it close! Sigh.
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