Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

2 random notes

My car is like a horse... it knows the route it's supposed to take. Today I was taking Julian to school. This is a very rare occurrence as I usually leave the house before he's ready to go. But today he was not only ready, he specifically begged me to take him. Okay. Except that my car doesn't seem to know the route to his school. For the second time in a row, on a morning that I've been taking him to school, my car got onto the Beltway. This is the route to WORK. It is NOT the route to SCHOOL, nor is there a convenient way to fix the error. Bah.

And, um, I can't remember what the second random note was going to be, so I'll take this opportunity to point out that DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME IS EVIL.

Oh, I remember now. My NONJEWISH cleaning lady just called me to see if I needed to schedule time for her to help with Pesach cleaning. AAAAIIIIGGGGHHH!!! I've been living in denial about Pesach Cleaning and I would LIKE TO STAY THAT WAY! Ack!
Tags: miscellaneous, pesach

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