Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Disney in brief

I'm writing this on the plane home from Florida. S, J, and I had a lovely visit with my folks. We took J to Disney World for the first time. Ugh, what a mess. It took an hour to get from the car to the entrance of Magic Kingdom. That is assinine. I despise huge crowds and this was one enormous crowd. I'd like to say it was all worth it to see Julian having a great time, but to be honest, it was a bit much for him too.

We rode on two rides (teacups and racecars). While he loved the rides, he was so anxious and upset about the lines and waiting and the fact that the rides didn't last nearly as long as the waits. It was very frustrating for him. It's hard to be three, you know? Anyway, we'd planned on half a day there, figuring we might stretch it to a full day if J wanted to, but after lunch, we asked him what he'd like to do next and he said he wanted to go home. We even offered another ride on the racecars, but he was determined to go home.

I think he had the most fun on the monorail from the Magic Kingdom entrance back to the "ticketing and transportation area" than anywhere else. Definitely an expensive half a day, also. I'm not entirely convinced that it's worth the money for Magic Kingdom, but I'm willing to try going back when J gets a little older. I think we would have been better off going to Seaworld. I think he might have gotten more out of that. Ah well. At least my father paid for the Disney tickets.

More later, I suspect.
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