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I'm sitting in the Orlando airport waiting for our flight home. We had a pleasant trip to see my father and Evie. We took J to Disney World (Magic Kingdom) for the first time. I'd like to say for the last time, but I doubt that's true. Certainly it was my first time and I hope last. Too many people. Anywhozit, J mostly had a good time, but it was very hard for him to be there. Long waits for everything and J does not do well with long waits. He also doesn't deal very well with transitions. Or being told that his turn on the race car ride is over... Disney does have kosher food. Though the food isn't terribly good, I think it's awesome that they have it available. Listed right on the menus. Yay for them.

Anyway, it was good to see my folks, and it was a relatively relaxing trip and I'm glad we went, though wish it were longer, as is always the case. I never have quite enough leave available to take a longer trip. Plus, food is problemmatic (I left our bag of food in the refrigerator at home, whoops), and I'm just not that organized these days.

I hope to have a longer post about this later, but I'm not feeling terribly inspired. I also realize I haven't updated much lately, so here are some various and sundry items:
  • Work is still work. Bleh.
  • Seth is great.
  • We watched The Illusionist while at my dad's. Excellent movie; highly recommended.
  • It appears we're done with IUI and moving on to IVF. Whoo.
  • Um, there's really nothing else going on. I live a pretty boring life.
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