Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

Advice from Dracula

Yesterday at my thrice-weekly blood-letting, I mentioned to the phlebotomist that I'd never given blood. It used to be that I couldn't give blood because I used to live in Europe. Recently, the exclusion criteria changed and I'm no longer exluded from giving blood. Seth contends that I couldn't possibly give blood anyway because my veins are pitiful underachievers.

Anyway, I asked Dracula, who knows me well, if she thought Seth was correct. She said there's no way I could give blood even if I wanted to. The blood, apparently, would clot well before they could get anywhere near a pint because my veins are such freaking underachievers. They're really small and they roll and break and even when phlebotomists stab my vein in the right place, they don't like to give much blood.

So I'd been feeling badly for not doing my civic duty, but now I feel better. I never knew my underachieving veins could make me feel better. Usually they may me feel like I can't get anything right. So at least I know that it wouldn't have made a difference if I hadn't been such a slacker about donating blood.
Tags: my stupid body

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