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Last Shabbos, Seth and I attempted to go for a walk, but we went a short distance and then I was in pain, so I didn't want to go any further, so we turned back. By the time we'd passed by the house again, I was feeling okay, so we kept on past the house and walked four blocks to a friends house and hung out with them for an hour or so and then walked home. All in all, we killed a couple hours, but only walked about half a mile.

On Wednesday of this week (4/2?), I went to jeannegrrl's to give her some relief with Jacob so that she could get some work done. Jacob and I went out for a walk. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining and gorgeous. Turns out that it was HOT, but that didn't occur to me until too late. So Jacob got bundled into the stroller with some sunscreen and a sun hat, and he and I went walking. Me in heels. Stupid Karen. But that's okay. I survived. He and I walked about a mile. Well, he got pushed in the stroller. I walked about a mile. Not great, but not too shabby for a chick in heels.

Today, Seth came home from shul and he said he was too tired to walk and that what he really needed and wanted was a nap. I am a horrible, mean wife. I'm cruel and awful. I made him go for a walk with me. It turned out to be a beautiful idea. We went for a twisty walk in the neighborhood behind us and eventually made it down to the Sligo Creek Trail and walked along the trail for a while. We got off the trail after a while, walked around the neighborhood by Woodside and walked over to Ian and Alida's house. We knocked on their door, hoping that we weren't waking them up from a shabbos nap. They were home, and fortunately awake, so we had some time to chat. (total walk maybe 3 miles?)

Eventually it was time for the boys to go to Mincha. So Ian and Seth left and went to Mincha. Alida and I walked down to Nancy's house. I've met Nancy once before and I really like her. She has two little girls (Nicole-4, and Eva-10mos) and is a really delightful woman to talk to. The idea was that Alida and I would take Nicole to the park, stopping at the Feld's house along the way to see if Aaron wanted to go too. Nicole, however, had just woken from her shabbos nap and she was grumpy and whiny. So Nancy walked with us for a while. The Felds didn't answer the door, so we assumed they were still sleeping. Nancy, Nicole, Eva, Alida and I went over to another family's house and the girls played with their children while the adults (yeah, I qualify as an adult now) talked amongst ourselves.

Suddenly, it seems, it was time for Havdalah. So we made Havdalah and headed back to Ian and Alida's house. The boys weren't back yet from the minyan, but Alida and I had time to talk. It's always nice to spend time with Alida. She's definitely one of my favorite people. When Ian and Seth came home with Akiva in tow, we sat down and had some very yummy lasagna. Ian brought Seth and me home so we wouldn't have to walk another 2.5 miles home. Ian hung out here for a bit and we watched a Muppett Episode and that was about it.

It was really a perfect shabbos, and we got a little exercise in too, which makes it even better.

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