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Probably not the worst day possible

I'd hate to say the day can't get any worse, because, well, that would mean that the universe would find a way. But today is definitely up there with my list of not-so-great days.

First, I woke up feeling worse than I felt yesterday, so I called out of work. Again. Blah. Then Julian threw a raging fit about not getting to stay home with Eema which made me feel like the world's worst parent. He apparently was happy enough once he got to school, so I'll write that one off as a wash.

Then Seth's brother called to say that their grandmother died last night. Not exactly the news I wanted to call my husband with, but not entirely unexpected either. I spent some time looking into how to get Seth to Massena, NY (34 miles from Ottawa, just to give you an idea of how ridiculously far upstate it is) in time for a funeral on Sunday, time as yet unknown. Why are they waiting until Sunday? I don't know. But Seth's father's family isn't remotely religious, so we'll just go with that one. Back to my point... how do I get Seth to Massena NY by Sunday, say, mid-morning at the latest? Glad you asked. If he flies, he'd have to leave tonight or early tomorrow morning, fly into Syracuse, stay there for Shabbos and drive the three hours to Massena Saturday night or Sunday morning. The other option is to drive from here to Massena. Through all of upstate NY in late January. Not a great set of options. Mapquest claims it's a nine hour drive. I suspect that's an optimistic estimate, by at least a couple hours.

While I was trying to work this out, I started getting nauseated and dizzy so I decided to go downstairs for a bit. I was on the phone with psu_jedi and I made a detour into the laundry room figuring I could toss in a load of laundry before laying down, since Seth's been so great about keeping up with the laundry. Hah!

Hey, did you know that when a Costco-sized bottle of clear laundry detergent spills all over the linoleum floor in the dark laundry room that it gets to be quite slippery, yet invisible? Yeah. Um. I didn't know that before, but I sure do now. As does psu_jedi, since she heard my scream as the phone went flying and I landed on my tailbone and clocked my head on the sticky, yet slippery, floor. I was fine, but it took a while to figure out how to get up without slipping again and causing more damage. Oh, and when I fell, an old pot with potting soil (but no plant) in it fell over into the big gooey mess of laundry detergent, just to make things more fun.

Oh, by the way, did you know it's very difficult to wash laundry detergent off yourself after you've been marinating in it whilst strategizing a way to get up without permanently damaging yourself? Yeah. Um. it is rather difficult. Eh. I was due for a shower anyway.

Eventually I determined that the only way this was going to work was for Seth to drive to Massena overnight Saturday night. Which means we'll both be going, so that I can do the bulk of the driving, so he's not completely wrecked on Sunday. Then after the funeral, we'll turn right back around and drive back. Whoopie! Ugh.
Tags: bad days, family, funerals

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