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On Monday I had some horrible stomach flu. Fever, vomitting, general ickiness. I was in bed most of the day. I figured I'd follow the pattern of everyone else in the house and be fine the next day. Except on Tuesday I woke with a sore throat, fever, general ickiness, and it hurt to breathe, though I didn't feel terribly congested.

I went to work anyway, having missed two days last week, but when my officemate/team lead walked in she took one look at me and said I should see a doctor. And then I burst into tears. Because that's what I do when I'm stressed out and feverish. Fevers always make me emotionally labile, but stress compounds it.

I went straight from work to my doctor who decided I had a severe sinus infection. A prescription for antibiotics and I was on my way. I spent most of yesterday in bed. Today I feel somewhat better, but I'm really glad my officemate told me not to even think about coming back into work until Thursday. I believe I'll be okay to go in tomorrow, but today would have really been pushing it. I've spent a good deal of today in bed as well, which is fabulous.

I'm really quite done with being sick, you know.
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