Karen (estherchaya) wrote,

limited fertility?

A friend of mine has 3 kids: a 5 year old boy (conceived naturally), and one year old twin girls (conceived via IVF). She came over yesterday under the guise of bringing me some soup (she makes amazing soups, so I never turn her down when she offers soup) to tell me that she's expecting her (dear heavens!) fourth child in July. Conceived naturally. Complete and total "whoops, how did that happen?" baby. She, in fact, isn't even certain of the due date, because she wasn't paying attention to when she ovulated and besides, she's still nursing twins, so who woulda thunk it?

She was somewhat nervous about telling me, given that she went to the same fertility clinic that I go to and she knows how hard it all can be. I told her I really, for the most part, don't work that way. I don't believe there is a limited amount of fertility in this world. Just because another woman gets pregnant doesn't mean there's one less chance for me, right?

Wow, she said. "What a great attitude, because I know when I was going through Shady Hell, every time someone told me they were expecting, I just thought to myself: 'die, bitch, die!'" I almost fell over laughing. She's a very religious woman. Extremely intelligent. A doctor. Very logical. Rarely emotional. It was completely out of character, but oh-so-funny!
Tags: fertility shmertility

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