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some people have a way with words....other people, um...thingy

So I'm waiting for a call back from my doctor's office confirming that a "return to work" authorization is waiting for me. Sigh. This is so phenomenally stupid. How many pieces of paper need to have this information on it? I know that they're protecting their own liability in case, G-d forbid something happened to me on the job because I returned against medical advice. But still.

I need to get better at explaining myself quickly, and (more importantly) concisely. I think I use too many words to express myself sometimes. People like doctors don't like to take that much time to talk to people. Sigh. Oh, and my husband has an incredibly ecclectic vocabulary. I finally stumped him with "lugubrious," but it's rare that I ask him what a word means and he has to look it up.

I watched "My Fair Lady" after work yesterday. I was half-awake for it, but it's still one of my favorites regardless of my level of consciousness.

Our house is a wreck, but they say it has to get worse before it gets better, right? Please say it's true! Really, it's only a few steps away from being presentable, but we've got boxes everywhere. This really is the part of Pesach I'm not so fond of.

Speaking of Pesach, I'm getting a little worried. It's only 2 weeks away and I haven't even THOUGHT about the kitchen yet. And shopping? Hah! Now, it happens that we're lucky this year because Wed night through Saturday motzei shabbos, we'll be staying with friends. So I don't have to worry about meal planning for four days and certainly not for a seder, which is fantabulous. But what about the rest of the week? Sigh. This would be easier to think about if at least part of my kitchen were clean.

Also, I need to figure out a better way to cover the counters this year. Two years ago, we used Aluminum foil (I know, it's a weird choice), which had the lovely advantage of coming off easily (it was taped, obviously, in a variety of places, but at least the majority of it wasn't stuck to the counter). It had many disadvantages too, such as being prone to tears (fortunately, I used multiple layers for exactly that reason), not being especially economical, and also that water seeped under one part of it where the tape wasn't tightly sealed enough.

Last year, we used the ever-popular contact paper, but you know, that was a real pain in the tuchis. Water STILL seeped under it (which makes me question whether it's doing it's job in the first place), AND it was an extremely difficult thing to get off the counter.

A friend of mine used shower curtains that she cut up into sizes to fit atop the countertop last year...but this has two problems: 1. it only covered the surface of the counter top, not the splashboard or front (as well as not covering the bits of countertop around the sink and the like) and 2. do I really want to take all that time to cut them into appropriately sized shapes? Ick. I mean, it LOOKED neat and was easy to clean AND remove, but it seems like maybe too much trouble.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. I'm going to go be, uh, productive, or, um, thingy.

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