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I went for a dental cleaning and check up today. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty, because, well, because it's been an embarrassingly long time since I've had a cleaning. I used to be really good about dentist appointments, but I fell out of the habit at some point because my dentist is far away and I was having a hard time finding a dentist who was more convenient who accepted my insurance. Finally I gave up on finding one who accepted my insurance, and just made an appointment with my office-mate's dentist.

The cleaning wasn't terrible. Apparently I don't have a lot of tartar buildup... she expected it to be not so pretty, and was quite surprised. The rest wasn't so pleasant... which is to say I have several cavities to fill and a broken tooth to repair (which is to say, a tooth which needs a crown). I hae that I get cavities, but the dentist and hygenist are in agreement that in all likelihood it isn't my dental hygeine habits which are lacking (as evidenced by the relatively uneventful cleaning), but rather the fact that I didn't grow up drinking flouridated water.

And you know? There's just not so much I can do about that except move on.

Tomorrow I have no appointments. Wednesday I have a check up with my OB/GYN. Gawd I am so tired of doctors. Next Monday I get to have blood drawn for the RE. Really, really, really tired of doctors.

Oh, and I have a serious migraine and I'm clenching my teeth which is reminding me that I forgot to ask the dentist about the teeth clenching thing.

Le Sigh.
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