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damn computers

So, I get that my life is a a billion times better because I live in a day and age with computers. I get that they are all kinds of spiffy and do all kinds of good things for me even when I don't know it's happening. But dear heavens they are completely AGGRAVATING.

So I have an iBook G4. For the most part, I love it. Recently, however, Safari has been crashing a lot. Firefox wasn't working properly. And a variety of other little things kept happening. After Safari crashed 8 times in 30 minutes, I called bodnej. He had lots of thoughts, which made a lot of sense, but nothing was working. He suggested I use Camino instead of Safari, but when I downloaded it, it wouldn't install properly. In the same conversation, Jon had recommended I use Adium as an IM client, so I tried to download that as well, but it wouldn't mount properly. ALL KINDS OF IRRITATING.

Jon, being Jon, suggested all kinds of useful things, none of which worked. But then he suggested that I could do something that would cause some short term aggravation, but might solve some of the problems... he suggested I blow away all my preferences files. Me, being me, trusted him and did so.

AIGH! What a giant pain in the ass!

In all fairness, however, my computer is now working much better. Safari didn't crash when I used it to download Camino and Adium again. And they both installed perfectly. And I LOVE Adium!

Jon's the best. He's been putting up with my "tech support" calls day and night since I was in college. And somehow, he always manages to fix the problem, even if he's not looking at the computer directly. He rocks. I'm really glad he doesn't charge me his hourly rate, though.

Yay for me. Now to go fix a bunch of preferences. Sheesh.
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