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Julian, lucky for him, is still incredibly cute. I say "lucky for him" because he's also a gigantic pain in the toe. Terrible Twos, you say? Ha! I scoff. Terrifying Threes is more like it. At two he said no a lot. And he was stubborn. But now he's louder, faster, stronger, and bigger. And his opinions are much stronger. And his vocabulary is more extensive. All in all, a recipe for a very aggravating child sometimes. But cute. Definitely cute. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He gets upset if we don't say goodbye before we leave the room (much less the house). He talks on the phone with Grammy, Bobbi, Savta, Grandpa, Nana, Pap, Grandpa, and Tutu (all of his various grandparents). His first question every time he speaks with someone is "Are you going to come to my house and play with me? Peas?" Like I said, totally cute.

He continues to be an extremely picky eater, who never likes to try new things. Yesterday I tricked him into eating a cheese quesadilla by lying to him and telling him it was a grilled cheese. And he loved it. But if I had called it a quesadilla, I promise you he wouldn't have eaten it. Similarly, I've gotten him to eat chicken schnitzel by telling him it's a big chicken nugget. But that only works if I cut it up into tiny pieces, whereas chicken nuggets are not acceptable to His Royal Majesty unless they are whole.

He also now has favorites: favorite toys, favorite shirts, favorite snacks, favorite movies... And the whole world comes crashing down if heaven forbid you offer the Spaceship shirt instead of his Mickey shirt! And if you pick the wrong animated short from the Cars DVD, heaven help you. Remember that louder, stronger, faster, etc. bit about being three? Yeah, the tantrums are out of this world. And far less cute than they used to be.

But at least HE'S cute, even if his temper tantrums aren't. :)

I have a billion photos sitting on my memory card on my camera, but I haven't downloaded and sorted them yet, so no picture updates are going to be happening anytime too soon. But I did notice that the picture website is woefully out of date, so I'll try to work on that this coming weekend.
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