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Clutter and packing

So in an effort to eliminate clutter from my life, I have created even MORE clutter in my life. Which is to say, we're packing. And the boxes that we've packed or are in the process of packing are in the living room. Some of them are right smack in the middle of the living room. Although this makes our cat, Charlie, very happy, it's not thrilling me. Fortunately, there is an end in sight.

I didn't realize exactly HOW MUCH china and crystal (stemware) we received. Our friends rock. So does my dad (he finished off our place setting). I mean, I theoretically knew how many place settings and so forth we had, but I didn't realize how much SPACE it could take up.

Anyway, Seth and I took 15 boxes to a storage unit today. All books and videos (one box of knick-knacks, actually, now that I think of it). I have many boxes of china and stemware to go soon, as well as some more knick-knacky type things.

Once we've got all this stuff out of the house, we can get down to REAL cleaning. Sigh.

I love Passover, really, but this cleaning crap is getting old already. :(

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