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Fun in Karen Land

I spent most of last week not able to keep down any food. I could handle that since I wasn't particularly hungry anyway, but when I stopped being able to keep fluids down, I was getting a little worried. Couple that with some pretty intense pain, a couple phone calls to my doctor, and a conversation with a friend who is an ER physician who said, "get thee to the ER NOW"... I ended up going to the emergency room at 4pm on Friday afternoon. I was there until 1am.

I'm fine. They gave me dilautid (sp?) for the pain (oh sweet joy!), zofran for the nausea (oh sweet joy!) and IV Fluids (boring). They did an ultrasound to make sure everything was fine from the D&C and it was, so home I went. The biggest pain in the neck was that they literally forgot about me. Twice. I sat in the waiting room for three and a half hours, before a friend of mine who had come down threw a fit. Then they took me back to a room and they left me sitting outside the room for an hour before they remembered me (shift change). So four and a half hours of waiting before they even looked at me, and then I got an IV, happy drugs, and waited some more. And then they took me for an ultrasound, I came back, Jo was waiting for me (thanks, Jo!) and we waited some more. They gave me more drugs, and then they said the ultrasound was normal, and they sent me on my way with prescriptions for fenergan (sp?) and percocet. A lovely way to spend Shemini Atzeret.

Once I got my cramping under control, I could tell where the truly accute pain was coming from... and I was pretty darned sure it was coming from my kidney. Sure enough, yesterday, the kidney stone mercifully broke his lease and exited the premises.

So in one week I experienced a subchorionic bleed but an otherwise normal pregnancy, an absurd amount of pain, trauma, and terror, a (barely) second trimester miscarriage, a D&C, dehydration, AND a kidney stone. And you know what? If one more person says to me that this was G-d's Will or that maybe I should "just adopt" I swear I will spend the rest of my days in prison for a gruesome homicide.

G-d and I, we're not really on speaking terms right now, so please, please, please don't suggest that I should think of this as His will.

Oh, and two more fun points:

1. Turns out my fertility doctor is on leave for three months because she had a baby! I'm so glad nothing was wrong! Months ago I thought she might be pregnant, but she never got any bigger! She had to have been 9+ months pregnant when I saw her last and she STILL didn't look pregnant. So yeah. I'm happy for her, but boy have you gotta love the irony.

2. The hospital was unable to do genetic testing on the "products of conception." I'm beyond upset at this point. I was really doing okay, physically and emotionally, but I completely fell apart once I got home after finding that out. It's no one's fault; it just is the way it is. Further proof that SOMEONE UP THERE HATES ME.


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