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busy day

I had a busy day today...maybe a little too busy.
I met with Nechama to learn this morning, and then came home, met my mom, went to the bookstore, came back home, met Bea, we learned halachos of cooking on shabbos (well, that is, we started...there is, uh, a LOT of detail that I'm going to need to get down), ate some pizza, watched American Idol, enjoyed watching Bea drool over Clay, laughed at the bad ones, then watched the Buffy that had taped while we were watching American Idol.

And did I mention that I packed another two boxes?

I did manage to schedule my follow-up appointment with the surgeon for next Monday, and to ascertain that my other doctor STILL hasn't sent in the correct paperwork to certify my disability from JANUARY. Seth and I are going there tomorrow to beat them up, I mean, to reason with them.

And now, I'm completely tuckered out. Who woulda thunk it?

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