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I can't remember if I posted a link to the most recent Julian pictures, but here it is! It includes pictures from our Pesach vacation among others:

Julian's becoming a lot more fun as he becomes more conversational. You can hear him picking up speech patterns and inflections now, not just vocabulary. There was a time that I could enumerate his entire vocabulary in updates like these, but not anymore! Now he's pretty much got the hang of that whole vocabulary thing, but we're seeing his language blossom in other ways, too. He's learning to use connecting words (Conjunction Junction! What's your function?), and trying desperately to get the hang of pronouns, but he's not doing so well there yet.

We can now have short, almost logical conversations with Julian. For example, last week I wasn't feeling well and Julian and I had this convesation:
Julian: Eema, you don't feel good?
Me: That's right, Julian. Eema doesn't feel very well.
Julian: You need a band aid, Eema?
Me: [choking back laughter] No, sweetie. I don't think a band aid will fix it, but thank you so much! That was a really good idea.
Julian: Eema, you need kisses?
Me: [trying to decide whether to laugh or cry] Yes, sweetie, Eema really needs kisses!
Julian: [smothers me with smooches and then says:] Eema you feel better now?
Me: Yes, sweetie, I feel better, thank you.
Julian: You're welcome, Eema.

Man, that kid is unbelievably cute sometimes.

He's done with school for the summer, so he's spending his days with a nanny, Roxeanne. Julian loves Roxeanne, which is good, and also loves the other kids that she's taking care of. He's very funny when I pick him up. The first day I left him with Roxeanne this summer (not the first time he'd been left with her, but the first time of the summer), I walked in that afternoon and he came running and shouted "Eeeeeeeeema!!!!!!" with a big grin on his face. On Monday, I walked in and he looked at me, smiled and said (casually), "oh, hi Eema." Yesterday when I arrived to pick him up, Julian walked over and said, "Hi Eema! Can we go no, peas?" When I told him "we're going to go get Pizza tonight!" Julian grinned and turned back to the other kids and said, "Okay, bye everybodeeeeeeee! See you later!" and then he took my hand and said, "Ok Eema, let's go!"

In addition to picking up on speech patterns, he's finally starting to pick up simple musical patterns. Most notably, the alphabet song (a.k.a. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) is ceasing to be a rhythmic shouting on the top of his lungs with no musical merit whatsoever and is becoming almost recognizably the alphabet song complete with melody. Also the Bob the Builder theme song is pretty well stuck in his head, melody and all.

He has also latched on to the Happy Birthday Song, but only the first line which he sings over and over and over and over and over and over, but he can't quite say "birthday", so it comes out like so:
Happy Birsday to Eema!
Happy Birsday to Abba!
Happy Birsday to Julian!
Happy Birsday to Dovid!
Happy Birsday to Roxeanne!
Happy Birsday to Savta
Happy Birsday to Pipsqueak!
Happy Birsday to Racing Cars!
Happy Birsday to dat car over dere!
Happy Birsday to me!
Happy Birsday to Rabbi Shmuel!
Happy Birsday to Kawaive! [Kalaiv]
Happy Birsday to Mater! [the tow truck from cars]
Happy Birsday to Racing Cars!
Happy Birsday to Becky!
Happy Birsday to Morwedy! [Morah Wendy]
Happy Birsday to Racing Cars!

And on and on and on and on and....Apparently race cars have more birthdays than anyone else.

Anywho, the point is, he's super cute. :)

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