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Ten Year Plan in Jeopardy

I think my tenuous ten year plan to move to the UK is in jeopardy.  It's a pretty frickin' involved process for Seth to become a registered pharmacist in the UK.  It would have been easier if he'd gone right after pharmacy school. 

First, he'd have to travel to the UK to take an English proficiency exam.  
Then, he'd have to submit an application for consideration of his academic record.  The application fee is about the equivalent of $1100.   If his application does not satisfy the adjudication committee (who will review it essentially to determine whether his academic course of study is equivalent to a UK Pharmacists' course of study), he may be invited to travel for a formal interview.  The interview fee is an additional $1100 (give or take).  

Assuming that his academic record is satisfactory (which is likely), he would then have to undergo a 12 month Overseas Pharmacist Assessment Program (OSPAP) in the UK and pass exams in each of the elements covered in the 12 month program.  The fee for the OSPAP varies depending on which university you go to for this program.  Also consider the need for living expenses while in the UK for the OSPAP.

IF he passes all elements of the OSPAP, he must then undergo a 12 month Pre-Registration Training (internship) at a hospital or community pharmacy.  

Only then can he sit for the registration exam (like the  Pharmacy Boards in the US).  I forget what the registration exam fee is, but it's probably another $1100, give or take.  He may take the registration exam up to three times.

One may ONLY sit for the registration exam after completing OSPAP and 45 weeks of the 52 week pre-registration training.

Hrm.  I'm beginning to think it just isn't feasible.  How would we live while he went through two years of assessments, during which he could not be employed full time?  And how would I manage to find a job, given that my expertise revolves around the US Federal gov't?

Clearly, I'm going to have to consider alternative forms of employment.  Jobs that actually have decent salaries...that's the problem.    I think I'm going to have to go become an  ISO expert.  Crap.

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