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last minute Pittsburgh request

It's really short notice, and a bad weekend, so this may be a long-shot, but it never hurts to ask...

There's a vague possibility that I may need to be in Pittsburgh on May 28th (Sunday). Yes, that's the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, which is why it's a lousy weekend to be asking on such short notice. Anyway, if I do go up there, I was thinking I would do one of two things:

1. Come up on Friday and spend shabbos there so that I'm already there on Sunday when I'm needed. (this is the least likely option)
2. Come up on Sunday as early as possible and find someone to stay with that night before returning on Monday (this is more likely).

So the question is, are any of you Pittsburgh folks going to be around that weekend? And if so, would you mind me crashing at your place for a night, maybe 2 (probably just one).

Anyway, it's totally okay if no one's available, and I do so hate asking for an invite, but it's for a good cause, honest!

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