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Pesach in Review Part II: The View

The View
The first thing I should note is that despite ANY of the downsides, the trip was completely and utterly worth it for the view alone. Five minutes staring at the waves crashing against the cliff rocks could erase hours of tension. I could walk outside irritated or depressed and stand for just a few minutes and completely forget that I came outside for any reason other than to stare at the beauty of the ocean. Sheri had great fun standing next to me, completely silent until I burst out with a "WOWIE!"

In general, I'm terrified of the ocean. Its vastness scares me. The idea of being lost at sea, or drowning... ick. But at the same time, I LOVE the coast, and I LOVE the waves. Fear and fascination often go hand in hand. I loved the ocean when I was a kid... before I became a lifeguard and learned about all the scary things I know now. I wish I'd never lost that naivetee about it... for the ocean, for all its vastness, is a beautiful, living, calming being. Every wave that crashes against the rocks breaks in a unique way. When two waves crash together, the spray is magnificent.

As beautiful as the view was from our window, or any of the other windows, no view did justice to the power and beauty of the waves when we climbed down the cliff onto the rocks. Eleanor (beckyfeld's mother) and magid and I climbed down on Tuesday and it was a lot of fun. Climbing down was a LOT harder than climbing up and required a much better sense of balance than I really have. I'm a big huge chicken, but magid and Eleanor were amazing companions who never made fun of the extremely cautious method I went through for each and every step down. Once we got down to the bottom and almost to edge of the water (if we'd stayed there another hour, we'd have been under water), the waves were the most spectacular sight I've seen in years. From up above, they look like tiny little splashes, beautiful in their own right. But down right next to them, the power and the beauty of nature's own choreography was astounding.

I wish I had pictures, but I haven't uploaded anything yet and I really didn't get many pictures in the first place. I have to remember to email John to send me some of his. He told me he'd be happy to forward them to me. Here is one tiny shot (not taken by me) of the Cliff House Resort that we stayed at, which gives you a fairly good idea of how incredible the view must have been, but even this picture doesn't show the glory of the waves... from this picture you'd think the ocean was completely calm:

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