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Sunday (3/19) - a very good, very productive day

Early Morning and Breakfast out for a change
Seth, Julian, and I had a terrific Sunday. I was out the door at 6:30 for an early appointment and an errand, and home at 8:30, which meant Seth didn't make it to shul. After we got ourselves slightly more organized, we went to Goldberg's Bagels for breakfast. Actually, Seth had already eaten breakfast, so he had coffee, while Julian and I ate our breakfast. Julian befriended a 3 year old who was there with his parents and brother and the two of them played with each other relatively nicely, with a slight tendency toward yelling across the room. If there had been more than three customers there, I'd have been more shocked and dismayed, but I didn't find them terribly disruptive, but it was clear the other mother was completely irritated by the behaviour. Regardless, between the two of us, we curbed it before it became too obnoxious.

Barnes & Noble Excursion
Then we traipsed off to Barnes & Noble to spend the gift certificate my father had gotten me for my birthday. I got Seth the latest Robert (?) Crais novel, which I will probably read myself when he's done. Also Frank McCourt's Teacher Man, which I'm now in the middle of, The Time Traveler's Wife which I know nothing about but which seems to be following me, so I finally took the hint, and a Candace Bushnell book, because I need something mindless, and about a dozen new books for Julian (those are tiny and cheap). Julian was incredibly well-behaved in the bookstore. He got tired of the kids' section at some point and so we let him wander around adult books with us. Though he did dart around a bit, he wasn't the destructo-boy we expected him to be. He was terrific.

I had a 10% off coupon for Target that I wanted to use, and we had lots of things we needed that Target could supply, so off we went...(fortunately, Target is right near B&N).

At Tar-jay, we bought some new dish drains/sink inserts (I had purchased a couple new ones on Friday, but I needed one more set), four new pairs of pajamas for the kid who is outgrowing everything, a completely obnoxious school bus toy for the monster, a cute outfit for Julian to wear for Pesach, some cleaning supplies, a dozen new cloth napkins (I'm obsessed with cloth napkins), two new table cloths (I can't wait to use them!), an under-the cabinet DVD player for the kitchen (whoo hoo!), and, um, that might have been all. (it's enough, right?)

Home, Jeeves
Then we went home, Julian fell asleep for a long nap, and Seth went off to donate blood. Since Dracula had already taken my blood that morning, I didn't feel the need to go along and join in the fun, though I hear that the restrictions on European travel/living have been relaxed, so I may now actually be eligible to donate blood. I'll have to find out another day.

While Seth was away, I did a load of laundry, folded three loads of laundry, and did several loads of dishes (finally got all the Shabbos dishes out of the way!). I also cleaned the countertops in the kitchen, swept the floor in the kitchen and dining room, and started organizing some of Julian's toys. Julian woke up at 3:30 or so and the three of us sat down and ate lunch. Then I got a babysitter and Seth and I ran out to complete some errands. We stopped and picked up dinner at Mama Leah's on the way home (pizza for Julian and the babysitter, falafel salad for Seth, and a tuna wrap for me).

Organizing Frenzy!
Fly-Lady would be proud. After Seth took the babysitter home, he had some work to do, but first he put another load of laundry in and we folded the previous load of laundry together. Then I looked at my problem areas... the sink and the dining room table and I finished all the dishes that had accumulated in the sink. Labeled my new dish pans/racks/inserts, put everything away, cleaned the counters again, and then attacked the dining room. The table was cleared off and wiped down, extraneous stuff was thrown away. Then I went and cleared off some of the clutter from several of my bookshelves and started attacking the sunroom (otherwise known as Julian's toy-dumping-ground)... I put away all his legos and megablocks, organized his bookshelf, sorted his train tracks and hung up his coat. Then I took all his trucks and lined them up neatly in front of the fireplace, and rearranged the furniture in the living room (it had all be moved to accomodate an extra table from Shabbos, so we put it back the way it belonged). I made the bed, cleared off the dresser (which is sadly covered with stuff already) and then went to make Seth's and Julian's lunches for Monday. Seth kindly opened and drained 6 cans of tuna (giving the kitty kats the tuna juice, of course), and I made curried tuna salad for Seth and gave him tuna salad sandwiches, cucumbers, an apple, a package of crackers, and a diet coke. Julian's lunch wasn't as complicated, but involved no tuna whatsoever (that would have been tragic!). Then, of course, because I was determined to have an empty shiny sink, I did the dishes (again), put away what I could and left the sink empty and sparkling. Go me!

Oh, and um, then I fell into bed. Exhausted.

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