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drat - Karen's Musings
Random Rambling
I just drove all the way to Trader Joes. I arrived, looked in my bag, and realized that my wallet was in my desk drawer. Now I'm back at work and I'm not going back to Trader Joe's because I really don't have time for TWO trips.

Now I've realized that I left my phone in my car when I returned, so I hope anyone who needs to reach me knows my office number.

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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mindycl From: mindycl Date: February 22nd, 2006 08:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
Okay what is trader joes and what do you buy there?
magid From: magid Date: February 22nd, 2006 08:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's not quite a whole supermarket in what they carry, but what they do carry is generally of good to excellent quality, and often organic/free trade/non-GMO/other good stuff like that, and cheaper than other places for what they have. The big one near me (Cambridge MA) has kosher cheese and poultry, too.
kmelion From: kmelion Date: February 23rd, 2006 06:43 am (UTC) (Link)
get in touch with my aunt/cousin yet?
estherchaya From: estherchaya Date: February 23rd, 2006 11:58 am (UTC) (Link)
Crap. I completely forgot. Thanks for the reminder. I've got to go dig up your cousin's phone number. I'll try to stop by there this weekend.
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