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Bathroom Renovation!

At long last, I'm getting a chance to post some pictures. First, here are the pictures of the bathroom renovations. You'll note that sometimes in the captions I say things like "we installed...." Note that any time I say "we" did something, it means "we" wrote the check to the contractor so that THEY would do the hard work. We did nothing except pick out tiles, which is fine with me.

Basement Bathroom Before
Basement Bathroom Before

This is the basement bathroom before we moved in. What you can't see in the picture is that the walls and ceiling are made of PLYWOOD! Not the best material for a full bathroom. Whatever. It's ugly.
Bathroom After Renovation
Bathroom After Renovation

You can see that we eliminated the ridiculously awful tile on the floor and ripped down the awful walls (plywood!) bringing down the ugly wallpaper with it. Basically they gutted and re-built the bathroom. Now it's light and pretty!
New Shower
New Shower

This is the tub/shower area before we installed the shower curtain rod. They did a really nice job with the tile around the tub.

See all the new Bathroom pictures here: http://homepage.mac.com/karen_cohen/home_sweet_home/PhotoAlbum47.html
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