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kmelion, I finally put your package in the post. It should be there in 4-10 days.
dear_jellybean and happyduck1979, I finally put your packages in the post as well. They should be there in 7-10 days. I don't understand why a largish package to Israel takes 4-10 days but a thick envelope to Toronto takes 7-10 days. *shrug*
Dad, your, ahem, Christmas present, is in the mail as of today. Not that you read my journal. It should be there in 2-3 days. Better late than never. Ahem.

I feel so much better having these things out of the house. I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to going to the Post Office and I'm not sure why. The PO is just 4 blocks from the house, they are efficient, have reasonable parking accomodations, and are usually pleasant. What is my aversion to going there? Anyway it's done.

Hopefully I'll get a post up tonight with pictures of my princess cake, our renovated bathroom, and the latest Julian pics. Hah. We'll see.

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