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I have a lot of weird habits, but I don't always know which ones are weird. But this one I know is odd. When I'm on the phone, particularly at work, but also at home if I'm not otherwise occupied, I take copious notes. Even on personal calls. And they are, of course, usually in Karen-speak so I usually know exactly what was said in the conversation based on my notes but I'm not sure anyone else would. I also tend to just keep running notes on a paper without breaks between calls. It always starts out as doodling, but at some point I write down a key phrase that someone says and I can't stop.

As a result, I have LOTS of sticky notes and lots of legal pads filled with notes that probably don't mean a lot to anybody but me. I occasionally go through them and throw them out. Writing things down is one of the ways that I remember things, so really, I don't need to keep most of them at all. Once I've written it down, the note has served its purpose. Here are some recent samples (some names eliminated or XXX'd out, phone numbers all changed or X'd out):

“Hi” Thought about us
tracking number 24866863
12-4 sign for freight
519 [aside: I have no idea what the 519 refers to]
Stephanie Fink
Sarah Marcus
your opinion
always recommend
consulting an attorney
Thought social services
go to the family court
Not putting in extra special [illegible]
Didn’t call
20¢ a minute Kirov
Smithsonian tomorrow
Rachel Greenblatt
Move to Newton
finishing her PhD
originally wanted to get there while she’s there before the summer is out
Synagogue has a new group for 55-older. They are planning a trip
Spend some time in Jerusalem-Places to stay.
After Pesach: week after Pesach a couple holidays
If I went at that time
Could celebrate 65th birthday; told Hirsch that I don’t care about my mouth.
1 cm dilated/ 70% effaced
everything looks fine
 celery salad dressing
 London broil
 Quiche
 Pecan pie/sugar free candy?
IM Pwr.
Mike has TS/wk well for SC

Laura XXXX
Donna- TS 1234
We have PO D2705
Terms and conditions

Contemporaneous documentation.
Write down every day; some period

EMS- talking to them; they broke in
Tired, slurred speech
He’s now responsive. Taking to hospital.
No Clue.
Battery beeping (cell phone)
3 5mg oxycodone, 350 mg Tylenol, 2 Xanax

already on its way here.
new laptop, no software disks,
definitely an upgrader

That's just a tiny sampling. And you can't see all the funky angles I wrote things at either. It was pretty amusing to go through these. I'm pretty sure I can safely throw them all out.
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