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Elevator Etiquette

There are a lot of elevators in my building. From the parking garage (or the lobby), you take an elevator to the so-called-1st-floor of the building (even though there's a lobby level and two mezzanine levels before you get to the "1st" floor). There is a bank of 5 elevators which will carry you to your destination. Anyway, you take an elevator to the first floor where there are metal detectors and guards and all that security stuff.

Once through security, you walk to a second set of elevators (this time, a bank of 6 elevators), and take those to your destination floor. (I think there are 14 floors, but I may be incorrect). So I have to take 2 elevators from a choice of 11 possible elevators to get to my floor.

The elevators in this building are great; they're fast, they're responsive. I almost never wait more than 15-20 seconds for an elevator to come when I press the call button. In fact, more often than not, the elevator dings and opens before I get a chance to push the call button.

I'm saying all this to illustrate that it's not like we've got only one elevator that people have to fight for space on for all 14 floors. So please, people, bear in mind some elevator etiquette:
  • If, when the elevator arrives, people are getting off the elevator, please step aside while they exit the elevator. I promise, the elevator will still be there when they have finished exiting. Blocking their exit will only delay you further.
  • If a large group of people gets on the elevator all at once kindly press the button for your floor and step back so the next person on may do the same. If you prefer to stand by the door after pushing your floor's button, please don't get all pissy when someone asks you to press a button for their floor. No, you're not an elevator man, but if you're blocking the panel, you can hardly blame someone for not being rude enough to shove you out of the way.
  • If the full elevator opens at a floor that someone in the back of the elevator needs to get off at, kindly step aside and allow that person to exit. Yes, if it's necessary, step off the elevator, slightly to the side and allow the person to exit before reentering the elevator. It's not going to take off without you.
  • If you're riding the elevator with a friend or colleague, you may wish to reconsider your topic of conversation when a stranger steps into the elevator with you. For example, discussing sensitive gov't information (even sensitive but unclassified information) may be unwise. Similarly, this may not be the most opportune time to discuss your hemorrhoid problem.
Does anyone else have any good elevator etiquette advice?
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