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We are having a small gaggle of people over tonight:
  • Robin & Mark
  • Lisa & Steve (and their two kids Alan and Michal)
  • Lisa's friend Jen
  • Stevie & Daniel (and their baby Adir, but he won't be consuming my food)
  • Possibly Stevie's brother, but I'm not certain.

Lisa is a vegetarian. Robin won't eat cooked tomatoes and also has a chicken aversion right now (she's pregnant), Mark won't eat raw tomatoes. Mark is also very particular about green things and I'm fairly certain he has a mushroom aversion as well. Stevie is allergic to citrus. Daniel will eat anything.

Right. So last night I made:
  • Challah (5 loaves--three medium, two small; I forgot to make minis for the kids)
  • Tofu Dip (sethcohen made this. Yay for him!)
  • Gefilte Fish Fritters (I made 75)
  • Apple Kugel (I only made a small one because I didn't have a larger pan I could cook it in)
  • Tomato Salad
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • BBQ Brisket (well, I did the first part, which involved cooking it in the crockpot overnight. I'll do the second part when I get home this afternoon)

I've already made a cake, Lisa's bringing something vegetarian (I don't know what). And I was in bed by midnight! Go me! Yay for Seth's help, in particular. He did a lot of cleanup (while also doing a whole lot of laundry) in the kitchen along the way, ran the dishwasher, made the tofu dip and brought things down to the basment refrigerator once I was done cooking most things.

When I get home I have to make:
  • Green Beans (I have to decide how I want to prepare them)
  • Craisin Salad (I have to toast the almonds & sesame seeds before shabbos...the rest can be done after shabbos starts)
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Food for the kids

I also need to finish the brisket and warm everything back up. That should do it. Oh, I should pick up grape juice.

I think I can make this work. The cleaning service comes today, they'll make everything pretty, and this afternoon we'll shift furniture around to accomodate an extra table in the living room. Whoo hoo!
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