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Things I need... like it or not

In a perfect world, I'd abandon my current career track and go to culinary school. Seriously. And not even because I have ambitions of being a great chef. Only because I love it so much. As it is, I've been secretly looking for an MBA program that I could manage with everything else. I'm pretty sure it won't happen in the next year or two. But I'm becoming more and more convinced that the MBA is something I need even if it's not something I want. Le Sigh.

Also, I need a desk. I hate buying furniture, so I'll continue to put this off, but I've needed a desk for years and eventually I'll have to give in and get one. This is unrelated to my need for grad school, but if I ever DO go back to school, I'll most definitely need one then.
Tags: house, school, whiny

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